CUBE Winter Meet

After celebrating goof-ups in research on 26 Dec 2016 and a followup
one week workshop, CUBE is organizing its Winter Meet on Sunday 22 Jan
2017, in Auditorium from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.

There will be approximately 75 colleges students from Mumbai and few
from Delhi, Kerala, Baroda, Guwahati.

The idea is to share their continuous work on model organisms which
they have been working on in their own labs. Students in groups
working collaboratively from different colleges will be making

The model organisms are: Snails, Drosophila (fruitfly), Hydra,
Earthworm, Moina/Daphnia (water flea), Pagalapos (Rotifers,
C.elegans), Mosquito, Cardamine (weed/plant).

Each and atleast two model organisms have a reserach question based on
regeneration, epigenetics, diversity, etc.

An added session is on DNA extraction by the jugaad way, i.e. not
using any sophisticated materials but still performing the experiment
using daily available materials. This session will have movies created
by students themselves while doing the DNA extraction.



All are welcome!



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