mtv roadies audition

the season 8 of the mtv roadies – shortcut to hell auditions are on air. its a must watch, especially raghu is very sharp in understanding the correct intentions of the candidates. he can at once know whether the candidate is genuinely interested to become a roadie, or in some cases coming for just time pass, or just to get a chance to abuse raghu, etc.

also interesting to note is the personalities of candidates. at this age of around 20 years, people still are not clear with their lives, they don’t even know what they are upto. more often they are one personality within and want to appear as someone very hard, daring and ready for anything, so on.   raghu even does a good job of counseling  them although harshly.

except for the abusive languages that go on, the auditions are a must watch. the tasks would be same as that of any other action based reality show.


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