trek to kondana caves, karjat

finally i made my mind to go on  a trek. it was a trip organized by our power house gym group of chembur. we had loads of fun, masti, music, dance.

we started from chembur at about 08:00 am in a private bus. we had breakfast in the bus alongwith the songs, etc. we reached the village at about 10:00 am. in a private house or wada (which caters to providing food, room, etc. for trekkers). With some more breakfast and tea, we began towards the caves. initially there is a small trail of about 10 mins. with the river. then toward the end of the trail, on the left is the way to go the kondane caves. the path is quite easy, with some waterfalls, forest area. the caves also has waterfall to enjoy. rock climbing, rappelling are a few activities that can be planned. the kondane caves is one of the buddhist caves, and dates back to 5th century.

after enjoying the waterfalls, we began our descent towards the village. in the wada we had wholesome lunch of typical maharashtrian food. then was relaxing time, we played some indoor games. it was thundering, and it drizzled. after having our chai, we returned to mumbai in our bus. on the way back, people had overload of dance, music in the bus.

overall, it was exciting. pics of the trek can be viewed from –




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