we, the power of people

Today April 30, 2009 was the voting day for Mumbai, Maharashtra, India for the 15th Loksabha Elections.

Yes, as a responsible citizen I did Vote !!



It was really a very easy affair. It took just 10-15 min. of time to vote. But before voting day, it was worth to know about the registration procedures, voters list, about the constituenciences, to know the candidates with their detail profiles, and other related information. I think this election mostly used the internet technology to spread the awareness and share the information. The websites and organizations such as jaagore.com, myobv.com, ceomaharashtra.gov.in have been very useful to have the information.

The results of the Loksabha elections will be up on the 16th May 2009. Let us see..


10 Responses to we, the power of people

  1. vihan says:

    Well Done!

  2. Prasanta says:

    Good, seeing some concept maps behind.

    • Ha Prasanta, i am working on mapping the chemical revolution.

      • Prasanta says:

        Chemical revolution? Do you mean by `reformulation of chemistry` as in wikipedia?

      • hmm. yes prasanta, correct.

        Actually i am mapping the conceptual change that occurred in chemistry before and after Lavoisier.
        The topic that i am covering is the theory of oxygen, the conceptual change of water from being an element to a becoming a compound.

        so the maps and the books that you see in the background are related to this.

        a good coincidence is that the “revolution” indicating a correspondence with the power of voting.

  3. Shrikant says:

    I think, it’s fake … generally they apply ink on left hand index finger and not middle one …

  4. Hmm, no it is not a fake. Let me explain.

    Generally the mark is put on the index finger. But since there was an occurrence of local body elections which had already made a mark on voter’s finger, the EC decided to change the finger. I think it happened only during this 3rd stage, cos in the first two stages of election in other states the mark has been put on the index finger.

    Usually, when the index finger is used to mark with the ink for voting, the middle finger is used to makr for proxy voting.

    The index finger, this time, was chosen to be marked for proxy voters.

    Also let me inform you that it is allover the news in tv, newspaper, people showing their middle finger to show that they have voted, irrespective of the meaning of the gesture. It is said, that a decent and a gracious way to show that one has voted is to show the hand with all the fingers (which is seen in the pic).

  5. Shrikant says:

    hmm .. thats cool ..

    Yeah I remember… in Maharashtra there were election on 23rd and 30th April.

  6. Prasanta says:

    That’s great. Though I don’t follow journals, hope you make some more write ups in international journals.

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