refined concept maps – a feasibility study

Our research paper titled Refined Concept Maps for Science Education: A Feasibility Study has been accepted for paper presentation at the forthcoming Episteme3 conference to be held in HBCSE, Mumbai, India during Jan 2009.

Abstract of the paper: Refined concept maps (RCM) comprises of node names and a well ­defined, invariant, minimal set of relation names. Using RCM as a methodology, it can be applied to study the changes in the knowledge structure, as a tool for analysis of forms of representations. In this paper, we discuss the study conducted to test the ease and feasibility of RCM by comparing it with other modes of representations. A homogeneous sample of school students were assigned the same task from a specific domain. The analysis shows that it was easy and feasible to use RCM by the school students. The fixed set of relation names, does not affect the expression of knowledge and at the same time helps in representing accurate knowledge. The constraints in the RCM served as an anchoring and a facilitator for representing scientific knowledge.

I shall post the final version of the paper once it is published in the proceedings.


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