Rila mountain, cave, monastery @ Bulgaria

Vow! what an exciting day, it was. We the SELFish people had our day out at the Rila Mountain, Cave and the monastery in Bulgaria. For me, the most adventurous activity of the day was the trek on a snow-packed mountains, oohh.. I climbed the 1300 mts Rila mountain with the help of Julia and descented with the help of David J. Without their help, I would not have made it. Thanx Julia and DavidJ and yes also thanx Wouter and Hinde 🙂 The album can be viewed from here. Below, are  a few pics of me climbing the Rila mountain, getting out of the cave, at the monastery, and yes the group who helped me in the mountain.

Me @ Rila Mountain

Me @ Rila cave

Me @ Rila Monastery

rila mountain


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