process modelling of cell biology

A part of my research work includes knowledge modelling of the cell structure and function. So far the modelling of structural aspects of cell has been managed quite well. The challenging task was to model the processes that occurs in a cell for example, mitosis, etc. We tried to apply some process modelling languages such as conceptual graphs, business modelling model, but the one that seemed to be applied appropriately as far as the functional aspects of cell are concerned, is the OPM model i.e. the Object Process Methodology proposed by Dov Dori.

The OPM model is indeed useful for modelling the process of cell division— mitosis (prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase). I am following the principles and notations described in the OPM model and have achieved quite good representations of the mitotic phases. The process modelling is really challenging and fun as a task. I intend to publish these representations as I complete the task.


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