Science Projects @ KHOJ 2007

I was invited to be one of the judges for the science projects at the DAV school in Thane. The competitition was organized at the national level schools. The projects were developed by the students themselves (of course with teachers’ guidance also) from junior to higher secondary level. The themes for the projects were Renewable Energy, Alternative Fuels, Ayurvedic Diet. I must say that the students were really enthusiastic about their projects and had tremendous excitement and interest when giving a demonstration/explanation. Of all the projects that I judged, I liked the projects on the alternative fuels (biodiesel, solar energy, electrical energy, etc.) cos I feel that this is really the need of the hour and when there exists alternatives we should use them.

Although the projects demo/explanations were managed quite nicely by the students with proper coordination and team work, I felt that the students could have studied some basic scientific concepts and scientific principles that they were applying in the science projects. But this is not because of ignorance on part of the students, I feel that the teachers are to be held responsible.

Some interesting pics:

Science Prject on Renewable EnergyScience Project on Alternative Fuels - BiodeiselScience Project on Renewable EnergyScience Project on Alternative FuelsScience Project on Ayurvedic Diet


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