Free Software and Science

Georg Greve, FSFE President and one of the SELF Board Members, is visiting India. We had organized a colloquium in HBCSE where Georg talked about “Free Software and Science” .

In addition to the often cited freedoms of the free software—use, study, modify, distribute; the speaker also made parallels about the free software and science on the basis of free exchange on knowledge and thoughts; falsification and expansion principles.

According to me the take home point of talk was about the freedom that free software provides to its users in terms of archiving and preserving the knowledge for humankind. Software is emerging as a digital culture, but who is controlling this culture. To me this is the issue that needs a serious thought.


A video recording of Georg Greve’s talk is available.


2 Responses to Free Software and Science

  1. MalkEvange says:

    Interesting article!
    Where can I find more on this theme?

  2. Meena says:

    I think may have put up the slides and information on this article.


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