discussions on the MS-OOXML in India

Office Open XML (OOXML), a file format specification developed by Microsoft and standardized by Ecma International is at present undergoing standardization process in ISO or IEC. It is claimed by Microscoft that the OOXML will meet the Open Standards and the specifications will be made freely available to public and can be implemented as well. Although it is a good move, it has not yet been accepted as an open standard format. These specifications are being scrutinized in detail for its claim of being an open standard format in various parts of the world—India being one of them.

Recently there have been a couple of working group meetings where these discussions are taking place in India. Nagarjuna G. (HBCSE, TIFR; FSF India) is one of the working group committee members who is analyzing the OOXML specs. After studying the specs and comparing it with the ODF specs, the group has arrived at very crucial points to raise as objections against the OOXML move.

I shall post some of the excerpts from the document once it is published.


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