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I have been hearing of incidents about newspaper agencies not accepting news related to creating awareness regarding health, environment, education. The media (journalism) has become inclined to publish news only that are hot, sensational, but not that might create awareness to the people. The news channels on tv are relaying news that are really not at all important or irrelevant to a common person and moreover they unnecessary create hype by dragging the stories. I sometimes think this is the way that they manage to run day and night. It is really unfortunate if this is the case then journalism which is considered one of the pillars of democrary will loose its strength and power.

so what do we do as educationists

i think we or the community of people should start a newspaper agency, startup a radio station. I don’t think that to run a newspaper agency we really need good hard core hi tech machineries. we just want the relevant, important, inspiring news. after all in the pre-indepence period our national leaders did start newspapers in the times when we did not have the excellence of technical know-how.

initially it can begin by publishing news on weekly basis. there would be volunteers who would collect news. in this way the community itself can create a difference in the society. journalism that shares news of the people by the people for the people.

through radio-station we can relay public lectures, colloquia that are organised by the scientific institutions, universities which are related to empowerment of education.


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  1. Shamin says:

    Good suggestion Meena. There has been attempts to spread local and global level relevant news y small magazines or radio centers in most of the small scale as well as national movements. There are magazines which even now provide news and comments on them which main stream media refuse to publish. But there are few problem which we should take seriously to overcome them.
    1. It is not easy to get authentic news from our surrounding and write them by following ethics of journalism (eg. being neutral). One might get used to convey news of interest of some agency unknowingly. So one has to be very alert. Also, although not machinery, lot of work in involved in this task.

    2. These attempts just do not reach to public. There is a whole machinery of media, politics and industrialists working against those who are working for awareness among people.

    So it is a challenging task, not at all easy to do!

    But I agree that we have a responsibility to do something. So I would suggest that we can start this on small scale first. We can start an e-paper for our centre. Each one of us (those who are interested) will take responsibility of editing and post an issue online, once a month. It would contain list of activities happened in that month at centre, some new research findings of any of the groups, events relevant to us but happened on will be happening outside HBCSE, article about some social issue, some philosopher or anything related to education. criticism about good booka, movies and so on.

    I think it is doable. We do not need any formal body and hierarchical structure for this. People who want their activity to post will contact editor for that month. Editor will ask others to write for her. Editor for next month’s issue will be announced in current issue.

    Please let me know what do you think of this.

  2. Meena says:

    Thanks Shamin for your wonderful comments 🙂

    Yes to start with we can setup an e-paper. I think the blogging software itself can be used for creating an e-paper. Each of us can start writing a post and send to the editor. We can write issues that you have mentioned about events, research studies, etc. Once it is popularize within the Centre, it will take no time to travel farther.

    I have been thinking that all of us should spare time to post issues. may be a common place for hbc-bloggers.

    what say !

  3. Chitra says:

    It is indeed very heartwarming to note the interest and enthusiasm among my colleagues in bringing out an e-paper addressing issues of concern to them. I applaud the endeavour. I shall also contribute my two paise worth whenever I can.

    I wonder whether language plays any part in this communication. English seems an inadequate if inappropriate choice to me. I have no immediate suggestion for an alternative. Perhaps a subgroup of readers may understand what is being written about largely because they share the concerns and have discussed at tea-tables. Even people from far away in space and time may understand the communication either because they share the views or the language level. However, unless the language used is less ambiguous and largely correct, the writings have potential to cause misunderstandings. This is, of course, my very personal understanding of communication. Perhaps, I am totally mistaken. Perhaps, correctness of sentences, phrases, etc. is irrelevant in communication among like-minded people. Rather like ‘sms’ language.

    On the other hand, would this language situation support critical discussions? I wonder.

  4. Bakhtaver Mahajan says:


    I wonder if I am eligible to participate in this exciting exercise. It is an excellent idea to initiate an e paper, managed by HBCSE. Go ahead. Points raised by Chitra and Shamin are important but nothing wrong in trying; at the most the e -paper will NOT continue.

    Good luck to you all.


  5. Meena says:

    thank you madam for your encouragement and support.

    ofcourse madam you are eligible to participate and we really look forward to your involvement.

    yes at the most it might not continue but no harm in trying 🙂

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