GNOWSYS for knowledge modelling

what is the difference between knowledge modelling using GNOWSYS than with any other knowledge management applications such as CMap tool.

While representing knowledge using Cmap there is no constraint. It is argued that constraints are necessary to apply rigor which is required for representing science. GNOWSYS is a distributed system which can be used for working synchronously and in collaboration. But any other system would also perform this feature. However, given the additional feature of modelling knowledge by applying constraints is what makes GNOWSYS a different system from any other system. Another different feature that it has is that an ontology of a domain can be build using the predicates that the system has inbuilt which is in contrast to the way it is build using the objects. It is possible to use the same system for modelling various domains be that biology, library sciences, physics, etc. It is also possible that when the system is installed it comes with a factory of requried predicates for a domain, and then a knowledge engineer has to just create an ontology of the domain by networking the predicates with the objects.

Well these points sound more theoretical to me at this stage. It is very important that the system is practically tested for the above features that it claims.


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