science education in India

Prof. Arvind Kumar addressed the issue of science education in India during the workshop organised by HBCSE and People’s Science Council.

The speech started by taking a position that India should have a  strong education in school and college and good in science and technology. While addressing this position, he also pointed out some threats into the above mentioned goal.

Threat one: The threat of bad, imperfect, poor inadequate science education. Science in India is restricted to a few compared to the large population, to a few individual and few institution. If we have to meet this threat, we have to have much greater number of scientific institution in our country.

Threat two: The threat of bearaucracy, scarcity of funds, bad infrastructure, our scientific institutions

Threat three: The ideological threat of science from anti-science movement.

If we don’t ensure good science education, the basic goal gets threatened“.


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