national science day

The national science day in India is celebrated on February 28 every year as a mark to commemorate the discovery of the Raman Effect, scattering of light by C.V.Raman.

HBCSE celebrates the national science day every year by organizing an Open-House. On this open house, the Centre is open for all people throughout the day and we organize sessions on demonstration of lab experiments, exhibitions, film shows, botanical garden display, free software based applications, etc.

My idea of celebrating the national science day is different from just getting a huge number of crowd to the Centre. I do agree that we should disseminate our work to the people/society, but this perhaps is not the right way to do it.

I would like to focus on a bunch of students and make them aware of various aspects of science education that is being carried out in our Centre. The students can take a tour of various exhibits in the Centre and then at the end of the day conduct some debates, poster sessions, quiz, etc. In this way, I feel, there would be interest and seriousness among the students who are coming for the Open House and also we would get the feedback as to how far we have been successful or we have tried to generate interest among students.

Well during the event, I give a guided tour of the history of science exhibition for the students. Here are some pics.










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