what is a refined concept map

refined concept map involves a concept map which applies some constraints. In the traditional concept mapping method, to begin with, a few seed concepts are provided and then a mapper has to construct a map of the domain.

But given this freedom of expresssion of linking words that one can use in concept mapping and since mostly the linking words are drawn from natural language it gives rise to ambiguity in maps. The maps as a result are ambiguous, not precise.

It is beleived that science cannot be ambiguous, inconsistent, illogical and that scientific language (representation) must be explicit. Infact these are our presuppositions to the proposal of refined concept maps. In the refined concept maps we provide a constrained set of linking words along with the seed concepts and instruct the mapper that one has to use the linking words from the given set only.

alongwith using the constrained set of linking words, the refined map also takes care of applying the logical criteria for validating hierarchy.

the above are some of the thoughts that is being presented as a paper in the CMC2006 conference to be held in Costa Rica in Sept 4-7, 2006.


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